4 Basic Dog Training Classes

Would you like to turn your pet from a rebel without a cause into an obedient sidekick? Grab a treat and a leash:
here are 4 basic dog training classes! ?

Have you seen “How to train your Dragon”? Great flick, right? “How to train your Dog” would certainly be a completely different movie… Teaching their furry friend some good manners is a must for any concerned dog owner. Don’t know how to achieve this? You just need some treats, marker words (a word or phrase you use to tell your dog they did something correct) and a leash. Prepare yourself to be patient – you can be lucky, if your buddy is part of the smartest dog breeds. But remember – dog training classes will also enrich you, contribute to strengthen the connection between you and your best friend and, of course, it’ll turn your buddy into a lady or a gentledog! ?

Dog training classes checklist

Before getting started, be sure you have everything you need:

  1. A leash
  2. A collar
  3. A couple of dog treats your puppy loves
  4. Tons of patience! ?

Are you ready to face the challenge?

1. “Sit down” training

  1. Grab a reward – something your puppy loves, like a piece of food or a toy – and let them stand up. Then, make them sit down again and choose a marker word for them to associate with good behavior. Repeat this short movement many times and always using the same word, before giving them a treat.
  2. Lure them when giving them the treat by opening the hand you were previously using, except this time, with nothing on it. Give them the treat with the other hand instead – this way you’ll be able to teach them how to sit without the aid of food.
  3. After that, move your hand up and back in order to make your dog sit. When that happens, don’t give them a treat, but visual cues instead – to make them understand they’re going good – as well as the marker word along with “sit”.
  4. With more training, they’ll start to understand that when you say “sit” and use the same visual cue (can be a gesture or even a smile), they should sit down – but don’t forget to reward them with the marker word in the end!

2. “Come here” training

  1. As it happens with many dog training classes, make sure you have a treat or a toy your dog really loves and choose a marker word. Also, choose an objective: you don’t want your dog just to come at you, but also to take an action, like touching your hand with their nose.
  2. The second step is to present them the hand you often use to give them the reward. After some repetitions with you giving them the reward and using the marker word, they’ll understand they’re behaving well.
  3. Now that they understand they’ll be given a reward and listen to the marker word everytime they touch your hand with their nose, you should change things up and only show them the hand with nothing on it, but allowing them to touch it with their nose again.
  4. Finally, start walking away from them. Then stop and show them the hand. They won’t hesitate to run towards you! If you want to keep an extra eye on their whereabouts (or just really don’t want to let them out of your sight), you can also use Findster Duo GPS pet tracker to get some peace of mind!

3. “Lie down” training

  1. Open your hand close to the floor and let your dog lie down to get the treat. After that, pronounce the marker word. Do this a couple of times.
  2. The next step is to do this, but without the treat. Your dog should still react properly. In the end, you can give them the treat, but using a different hand.
  3. Then, start using a visual cue (like the “lie down” gesture with your hand) and wait for them to lie down. Again, feed them the treat by opening the other hand!

4.  “Leave it” training

  1. Yes, we’re asking you for a treat and a marker word – but this is the last time! Let’s try it with “leave it!”.
  2. Start by testing your dog’s taste: offer them a treat and check if they like it. They do? Great, let’s continue with the next step.
  3. Throw a treat on the floor, but cover it with your hand and don’t let your dog eat it. Then, say “leave it!” and, with the other hand, feed them another treat – but keep the treat that is in the floor covered.
  4. Now, let them see the treat, but hold them with the leash – doesn’t matter if they pull. Shout the marker word and give them another treat. They should ignore the treat that is on the floor to eat the one you’re giving them with your hand!

So, are you ready to start training your dog? Have you taught your buddy any other fun moves? Share some basic dog training classes with us on the comment box! ?