Halloween Safety Tips For Pets

Halloween can be really fun for adults and children, but it can also easily turn into a real nightmare for our furry friends. Here’s how to avoid this!

Halloween can be a really fun holiday for adults and children, but for our four-legged friends, it can just as easily be a nightmare! Since we take our pets’ safety and amusement very seriously, here are a few Halloween safety tips for pets, so they can also have fun on the spookiest festivity of the year!

Above all things, you have to take into consideration your pet’s personality type and know how to recognize signs of stress. Plenty of dogs and the majority of cats get quite anxious with sudden loud noises, strangers and even with the doorbell. Because of that, you should always keep them away from the front door! This is particularly important if you have a cat, since they can easily dart between your legs and be out the door before you even  have time to react.

The best way to minimize anxiety or excitement is to get your pet away from the action scene by keeping them in a comfortable room of the house, even if is just for a small period of time or until things cool down.

If your dog or cat gets particularly high-strung or anxious, consider a calming medication. Contact our Care team for advice, or ask your veterinarian about the most suitable approach to keep your pet relaxed!

Trick-or-treating and scary costumes are in the spotlight during Halloween season! Be careful with candy, as chocolate and some sugar substitutes are toxic and can be even fatal for both dogs and cats. Keep in mind that dressing up your animal can be quite stressful, especially if they are not used to it, or if the outfit you have chosen is too complex! For more information and pet friendly tips for treats and costumes, check out our previous article about “Halloween Party Ideas”.

Avoid leaving your pet outside, particularly if you have a black cat, as they are especially at risk from pranks or other cruelty-related incidents. Unfortunately there are some vicious pranksters out there who find it amusing to tease, injure or steal animals. So make sure your furry friend is housed indoors well before sunset and double check if they are conveniently tagged and micro chipped. A GPS pet tracker like Findster Duo will help you locate your buddy if they escape for any reason.

Last but not least, ensure your house is safely decorated by keeping some stuff out of your pets’ reach! Even though Halloween pumpkins and corn displays are not toxic, they can cause some gastrointestinal upsets when nibbled. Be careful with open flames, like those of a candle or lit pumpkin. Curious kittens and puppies are especially at risk of getting burned or singed by the candle flame.

Electric and battery-powered Halloween decorations are certainly safer than open candles, but they still can be a hazard. Some animals just love to chew wires and batteries and thus may get burned, electrocuted or even poisoned! Additionally, keep candy wrappers, ribbons, strays and cobwebs out of reach!

It is not difficult to avoid any scary trouble this Halloween: just follow these simple tips, add a bit of precaution and common sense, keep your best friend safe and just enjoy the holiday!