10 Interesting Dog Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

Dogs are nuts, cute and unique and we love them with all our hearts. Are you ready to learn some new interesting dog facts? ?

Dogs are human’s best friends and we sure love our furry companions, so we can never pass on an opportunity to learn some new dog facts that can help us understand their crazy antics. From traits that set them apart in the canine world to cute and funny behavior, here are 10 dog facts that will only make us fall in love with them even more.

Nose print

nose print dog facts

We all know our buddies are special but here is a fact to prove it: their nose print is unique and can actually be used to identify them behind doubt. Much like fingerprints on humans, the ridges on dogs’ noses form single patterns that set them aside from any other dog past, present or future. As if the touch of their little muzzle wasn’t special enough, now we know we are also blessed with their unique mark. ?

Smell that?

smell receptor dog facts

“What a big nose you have Grandma!”, said Red Riding Hood. “Only to smell you better with, my dear”, said the Wolf. ? A dog’s sense of smell is not as extensive as a wolf’s, but it’s still pretty impressive. Although size doesn’t matter as in the fairytale, the nose of our canine companions has as many as 300 million receptors that help them detect tiny concentrations of odor that our poor human 5 million receptors cannot even dream of.

Kung Fu moves

kung fu back kick dog facts

No, your dog is not training to be the next Jet Li, nor is your buddy suddenly stricken by shame after pooping. Dogs actually kick backwards after doing their toilet business as a way to mark their territory using the scent glands in their paws. ?

Gulp it down

Dogs are not much of chewers if they can simply swallow the food – and the reason is not because they are little gluttons! ? Dogs’ saliva, contrary to humans’, doesn’t contain any digestive enzymes, working solely as a lubricant that helps food pass the esophagus easily into the stomach where the true digestion starts.

Antibacterial self-medicine

saliva anti bacterial dog facts

Dog saliva contains chemicals with antibacterial properties, which help cleaning and promote the healing of superficial wounds. Although its power is limited and visits to the vet are still necessary in most cases, it still explains the need for those satellite cones around their heads to prevent them from licking their wounds after an injury. They just can’t help themselves from trying to help themselves. ?

Shamelessly innocent

We hate to be the bearers of bad news with these dog facts, but don’t be fooled by the “puppy eyes” dogs give you after some mischievous act. Researchers say that our little buddies cannot feel any guilt, and the sad and eye-avoiding demeanor is nothing but an act set to match your rebuke! In fact, most of the time, innocent dogs will be the ones putting up a more convincing show. ? ?

Spot the tongue

spots tongue dog facts

Some dog facts are useful to help us understand their behavior, and others are good to calm our little pet owners’ heart. ? Spots on their tongue are not universal, but they are also not a cause for worry. More than 30 breeds are known to have these marks, which can also be found under their furry coat. They’re nothing more than simple deposits of pigment! As is the case with humans, these spots are just birthmarks or freckles, that make our buddies extra special.

Paw up

Have you ever wondered why male dogs lift their paws to pee and females don’t? Well, it’s all about playing “macho”. Dogs lift their paws while urinating simply to spray their pee higher and in a more disseminated way, so other canines can easily smell it and know who runs the show in that territory. Additionally, some researchers speculate that it may also be a way for dogs to make themselves look bigger. Size seems to matter after all… ?

Dogs sweat

paws sweat dog facts

We all know dogs are overheated when we see them panting to cool their body temperature, by allowing the moister in the tongue to evaporate – but can you see any droplets of sweat coming out of their fur? No, you can’t and the reason is simple. Dogs’ sweat glands are actually located around their foot pads! That’s why most of them will lay down when they’re hot, and why you might find tiny wet paw marks around your house on hot summer days. ? Don’t forget to check our tips on how to keep your dog cool in the summer so your can help your buddy keep sweat at bay!

Poop compass

poop compass dog facts

One of the benefits of knowing some dog facts is that they can help us understand some of their annoying traits and be more sensitive towards them. For instance, did you know that dogs are not trying to make us go crazy when they are being fussy choosing a spot to do their toilet business? In fact, they have a sort of “poop compass” embedded in them, and they are simply trying to find the right spot aligned with Earth’s magnetic field. Maybe they are scientifically picky but hey, that’s still kind of cool. ?

Dog facts are always funny and interesting, as they can help us understand some of furry companions’ weird behavior. Then again, it just might be that our dogs are simply crazy but we sure love them anyway! Did you discover any new interesting fact about your buddy?