Pet Halloween Party Ideas

Halloween is definitely the scariest festivity of the year… But how can we include our best friend in all sorts of spooky – but safe – activities? Find out!

Halloween is one of the funnest festivities of the year – and definitely the scariest! As pet lovers, we like to include our best friend in all sorts of activities, even if they are quite spooky and eerie.

Trick-or-treating is the most popular Halloween ritual and is something we can easily do with our pets. We just have to make sure we have pet friendly treats – you can either buy them or be adventurous and just bake your own!

For dogs, peanut butter or pumpkin biscuits shaped in a spooky way are just perfect. If you have a cat, try using water canned tuna, salmon or sardines instead, as cats are just crazy for those fish flavours! Chocolate, sugar and sugar substitutes like xylitol are completely out of boundaries as they are toxic for both species. You can add, for example, honey, molasses, whole wheat flour or oat flour, depending on your pet’s exquisite taste. Try to bake them as lightly as you can, and look out for the amount you give them, especially if your pet is not in shape! If that’s the case, just split a whole biscuit into smaller pieces.

Pet costumes are a growing trend and plenty of people love to see an adorable dog wearing a cute outfit. Keep in mind that costumes are used for our own enjoyment rather than our furry friends’, so if you dress up your buddy, keep it simple and make sure the disguise doesn’t cause any distress or inhibits their natural behaviour. 

When talking about dressing up cats, we have to be even more careful. Unless your cat is completely relaxed about it, avoid using any kind of outfit. They usually promote high levels of stress, which can give rise to some stress-linked diseases like cystitis or alopecia.

In case you have never tried an outfit on your pet before, don’t wait until Halloween night to do so. Start dressing up your buddy a week in advance, for short periods of time and piece by piece, always making it a positive experience by offering them treats. That’s the best way for them to have a pleasant time and be totally comfortable.

If you want to dye your pet’s fur, always use a safe and appropriate dye and make sure there is no allergic skin reaction to the product. Just imagine your four-legged friend coloured as a horrendous spider!

There are plenty of pet friendly activities you can do for Halloween. Taking into consideration the treat and costume warnings mentioned above, why not host a pet-and-owner costume party and invite your friends and their buddies over? Or what about setting a trick-or-treat game with your neighbours and their pets? You just have to remind everyone to have both human and dog or cat treats! 

Even without that amazing outfit you have carefully chosen for your pet, you can still have a blast during the Halloween season. Invite some friends over and organize games for everyone (humans and animals): make a game out of treating your canine party guests to some Halloween-themed treats, by hiding them around your home or yard. Your friends can participate in the hunt by helping their own pets find the treasures. You can also set a trick contest, where pups are rewarded with a delicious Halloween treat each time they complete a trick!

It is true that it’s quite difficult to engage on this kind of activities if you have a cat… Usually, the best thing to do is to leave your friend comfy at home, and bake them a delicious Halloween biscuit. Still, if your kitten is willing to participate, feel free to let them join the party!

A bit of precaution and common sense are the basic ingredients to make your Halloween party the spookiest and ghoulish of the whole block – both for you and your pets!