5 Tips On How To Keep Your Dog Cool In The Summer

Cutting your dog’s hair or keep them locked in a car while go shopping – this is something you won’t do! Learn how to keep your dog cool in the Summer! ☀️

The fan is blowing, the AC is cooling the living room, but the longer days and high temperatures invite us for long walks on a dog friendly beach along with our canine companions. However, Summer also brings specific hazards that we should be aware of in order to keep our furry friends safe! Some of the most common mistakes include an “aggressive” dog grooming – cutting your buddy’s hair will only make it hotter – or leaving them locked in a car while going shopping. Just follow our advice: we’ll show you how to keep your dog cool in the Summer! ☀️

Never leave a dog in a parked car!

Do not – ever – leave your pet locked in a parked car! Even if it doesn’t seem so hot, the temperatures inside a car can rise really fast putting your dog’s life in danger. Take the video above (which fortunately has a happy ending) as an example! ?

Apply dog sunscreen

dog sunglasses how to keep your dog cool

The burning sun is raging in the sky, but you still wanna go outside? No problem, as long as you apply the best dog sunscreen for your puppy, every 4 to 6 hours! We suggest you use a dog sunscreen that doesn’t contain zinc, which can make your pet fall sick. Also, bear in mind that high sun exposure, light skin pigments and muzzles and dense coats will require a higher SPF – the average is 15. Besides, some dogs will only get hotter if you shave their hair, so you better have some dog grooming classes first!

? Dog sunscreen brands we recommend: Doggles, NutriVet, and Vet’s Best.

Avoid dog walks in the asphalt

dog asphalt how to keep your dog cool

Did you know that dogs only sweat through their footpads? This makes panting their main way of losing heat. When a dog’s body temperature increases and can’t be brought down by normal temperature regulating mechanisms, the dog can suffer from heat stroke, a life threatening condition. Dogs with flat faces and short muzzles (brachycephalic dogs), such as Boxers and Bulldogs, or old and sick dogs, are particularly at risk. Therefore, avoid walking your dog on asphalt, since on hot days it can burn their paws! If the pavement is too hot for you, it’ll definitely be too hot for your pet.

Choose the best time of the day to walk your dog

dog walk how to keep your dog cool

Avoid walking your dog at the hottest hours of the day. Give preference to early morning and late afternoon or even night. If it’s still hot, make sure you take a shorter walk. This also applies for exercise and playtime! Findster Duo is the ideal gadget to accompany you when you’re going for a walk, especially during Summer: you can keep track of your dog’s position if you let them go off-leash in an open area, and access information regarding their activity!

Provide fresh water and a shady area to your dog

dog drinking how to keep your dog cool

The most obvious rule on how to keep your dog cool: they should always have access to fresh water. This especially applies to long walks! If your dog likes to rest outside, put the water in a shady area, where it can stay cool. This said, make sure your dog has a cool area to go to. And if it’s too hot even in the shade, allow your dog to go inside, to a cool room!

Do you have some inputs on how to keep your dog cool in high temperatures? Leave us your thoughts in the commentary box… and be careful with the sun! ☀️