The Importance Of Regular Exercise For Dogs

We know that exercise is indispensable in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle… But is this also true for dogs? How can we adapt our routine around this?

Exercise is essential to keep your pet healthy, not only because it prevents some diseases, like obesity or joint problems, but also because it keeps your “buddy” happier and promotes a stronger bond between owner and pet. Besides that, it also helps controlling behavioral problems like barking, chewing, scratching and anxiety.

Planning your fitness routine

If you want to successfully increase your dog’s daily activity, you just have to be realistic and plan a doable fitness routine.
It is important to adapt the kind of exercise to your lifestyle, your routines and to your pet’s age, breed and body condition.

Brachycephalic breeds, like the French Bulldog, have some trouble breathing due to their nose shape and so, the intensity of the exercise should be moderate. This premise works as well for senior dogs and for those who are overweight. Take into account that puppies also have some exercise restrictions in order to achieve a correct bone and joint development.

If you have an active lifestyle and enjoy going for a morning jog or a long walk, try taking your dog with you. Keep in mind that if your dog is not used to run or hike, you should start slowly and gradually increase the difficulty level.

If a laidback lifestyle is your thing, engage in some fetching or training activities with your dog. You can try teaching them how to sit and stay, for example. If you have access to a swimming pool or if the beach is nearby, let your dog go for a swim. This is one of the best kinds of exercises, but to be safe, you should always keep an eye on your best friend.

Keeping things fun

There are plenty of small changes you can adopt during regular activity in order to keep it more attractive and fulfilling. How about trying to practice outdoors the tricks your dog already knows how to do at home? Being outside, with so many different stimuli, challenges your dog’s attention and consequently increases the difficulty of the basic commands. You can also go for the usual stroll but instead of just keep walking, let your dog stop and smell any spot they want. This will increase the amount of mental energy spent.
There are innumerous ways for you to keep the daily exercise more engaging, and do not forget you can always mix and match activities that fit your day-to-day schedule.

Safety First

Since exercise has a huge role in your pet’s well-being, you should make sure the kind of activity you choose suits their particular profile. If you need help with this, you can ask our Pet Specialist via Findster Care or, alternatively, your veterinarian.
In addition, if one of the goals is for the dog to lose weight, it is mandatory to coordinate the exercise with a balanced diet. Once again, should you require help with this, ask our Pet Specialist or your veterinarian to determine the best option.
To be successful you just have to keep in mind that starting a fitness routine will keep you and your dog happier and healthier for years to come!