10 Fastest Dog Breeds That Could Break Records

Are you a speed enthusiast? Maybe your dog too! Check out the 10 fastest dog breeds out there and find out if your buddy is one of them. Maybe you can even find your next pup breed in the mix.

There is no denying that some breeds are more athletic than others. And even within them, you can break them down into different skills. Some are more agile, some are cleverer and some are simply born to run! Check out the 10 fastest dog breeds and prepare to be amazed by the speeds they can reach.


greyhound fastest dog breeds

Greyhounds are not just one of the fastest dog breeds, they are the best at it. ?

They were always good at it, but as the popularity of greyhound racing soared, the breed was progressively refined leading to the big speeders we now know. 40MPH are nothing to these athletes that can also reach the 45 MPH mark quite easily.


saluki fastest dog breeds

Maybe the salukis are so good at racing because they had plenty of time to practice since they are one of the oldest dog breeds. Maybe it’s because they are hunting dogs physically very similar to greyhounds. We don’t know. ? What we do know is that they love to run and they are very good at it, reaching up to 42MHP.

Afghan hound

afghan hound fastest dog breeds

Also coming from the Middle East, albeit a different area from the saluki breed, the Afghan hound comes in speeding with the impressive mark of 40 MPH.

Just don’t be fooled by their elegance and presumptuous posture. They are fast, but they are also difficult to train due to their clownish personality. ?


vizla fastest dog breeds

The vizsla and the Afghan hound are direct competitors for the third place on the list of fastest dog breeds as both can reach the 40 MPH mark. Unlike the latter, though, the vizsla is easy to train… and they come from Hungary. ?

Jack Russell Terrier

jack russell fastest dog breeds

Don’t be fooled by their small size. Even with their tiny legs compared to hounds, the Jack Russell Terrier is one of the fastest dog breeds on the planet, reaching up to 38 MPH.

They are a relatively young breed compared to other entries in this list, bred mainly for fox hunting but what they lack in age and size, they make it up with their energy and enthusiasm. Sometimes, good things really do come in small packages. ?


dalmatian fastest dog breeds

Bred as carriage dogs, Dalmatians are known for their stealth endurance and for their distinctive spots, obviously. What is less known is that they are also amazing sprinters that can reach up to 37 MPH. Born athletes indeed. ?


borzoi fastest dog breeds

The borzoi is a breed developed for hunting and coursing, having the greyhound as a close relative, so it doesn’t surprise that they are also one of the fastest dog breeds. But you would already know this if you speak any Russian for the name borzoi means “fast”. A suitable name for a breed that can reach 36 MPH. ?


weimaraner fastest dog breeds

The Weimaraner was bred to hunt deer and wolves out in the field. How do you excel at that? By being intelligent, agile… and fast. 35 MPH fast, to be precise. They are also great family dogs as long as you have a big space and the stamina to go for a run with them.


whippet fastest dog breeds

Also reaching the high mark of 35 MPH comes the whippet, although some claim they can only reach the meager speed of 34 MPH. ? Known as the poor cousin of greyhounds due to their smaller size and lower speed, they are still pretty impressive and they are great family dogs since they are simultaneously mellow, playful and loyal.

Doberman Pinscher

doberman pinscher fastest dog breeds

The Doberman pinscher proves that you don’t need to be lean to be one of the fastest dogs breeds out there. Yes, they are buffed and they have impressive endurance levels, but do you what else they have? Speed! With their physic and reaching 30 MPH it’s no wonder why they have such successful careers as officers of the law.  ?

Did any of the fastest dog breeds surprise you? If you follow any dog sports, probably not. They certainly impress with their speed marks, but you know what’s more surprising? Even if most have the look of intimidating athletes, they all have in fact big hearts and are loyal and friendly dogs. You just need to break a sweat once in a while to enjoy their companionship. ?