7 Benefits Of Raising A Cat

It’s scientifically proven: watching cats can make you feel more positive and confident in yourself! Can you guess other benefits of raising a cat? ?

Cats have their own “healing” powers. And even though they’re mostly introverted creatures, there are many studies that prove the social benefits of raising a cat! If you want to find out how they evoke positive emotions on you and what that energy boost can cause, just keep on reading! Meeeeow! ?

Cats emanate positive emotions

Wanna stay calm and positive? Being around a cat will trigger the release of the oxytocin hormone on your body, which will boost your energy and stimulate positive feelings like love and trust. In fact, a recent study says that you may be able to feel these effects just by watching cat videos! Autistic children may also find cat petting the perfect therapy, as this phenomenon will subsequently make them feel relaxed, cutting their stress and anxiety levels.

They’re hypoallergenic pets

hypoallergenic cats benefits of raising a cat

According to a study conducted by the National Institutes of Health, children under a year old can develop immunity to dust mites, ragweed, grass allergies and even asthma, just by being in the same environment as a cat’s dander and fur! In contrast to the common view, cats are hypoallergenic pets. However, don’t forget to keep the cat indoors and change their litter box every day, in order to avoidg cat parasites like toxoplasma gondii!

They can also bring heart benefits

cat heart benefits of raising a cat

As is the case with other pets, one of the main benefits of raising a cat is that they can also be good for your heart! According to a study, they can make their owners feel calmer, lowering blood pressure and reducing the probability of suffering a heart attack… by up to 30%! A different study filled a room with cat owners and asked them to speak loudly, which stimulated their blood pressure levels. Then, after the participants started petting a cute little cat, their heart rate normalized again! ? ?

Cats can even help your love life

cat improves love benefits of raising a cat

Women are likely to get attracted by pet owners / pet lovers. As cats are milder than dogs, their owners also tend to be more relaxed, calmer and to have a “classier” attitude. So, 90% of single women surveyed in a study agreed that men who raise cats tend to be more attractive, thanks to their sensitivity and intelligence. ?

They’re sociable pets

cats sociable benefits of raising a cat

Although some cats may be lazy and extremely temperamental, most are perfect in terms of sociability. Thanks to the positive emotions they emanate, they can help people in mourning to cope faster – also because their owners are likely to talk to them. A Swiss study published in 2003 says that raising a cat is pretty much equivalent to having a better-half! ?

Cat raising is a sign of a great personality

cats personality benefits of raising a cat

If someone tells you that they own a cat, it can give you some clues about their personality. Cats are usually a sign of calm, relaxed and trustworthy people. Since they don’t demand high maintenance and do not have highly active daily routines, one of the benefits of raising a cat is the fact they’re the perfect companion for those who wish to keep their focus on their job. As so, they’re known for having a strong bond with intellectual and scholar types. ?

They’ll help you fall asleep

cats help sleeping benefits of raising a cat

The relaxing powers of cats are also very much connected to this fact. As an example, many women in the UK agreed they’d rather sleep with their fluffy friends than with their husbands! So if you suffer from insomnia, don’t be afraid of inviting your cat to sleep by your side! ?

Know other unlisted benefits of raising a cat? Or do you suspect of one, regarding your own cat raising experience? Place your bets in the commentary section! ?