10 Best Dogs for First-Time Owners

Looking for a new companion, but you never had a dog before and don’t know how to take care of them? Choose among the 10 best dogs for first-time owners! ?

A real estate house and a luxury car – probably your wishes if Aladdin’s Genie came your way! But apart from that, you’d want that great furry companion, especially if you’ve never had one! Small-sized, hypoallergenic dogs or friendliness levels can be good criteria. To help you choose, we created a top 10 list of the best dogs for first-time owners! Ready to brainstorm about your future best friend? ???

10. Shetland Sheepdog


Are you patient enough to handle some barks? Do you know how to groom a dog? Alright, then the Shetland might be a good fit: lovely personality, very smart and obedient! It’s kind of a challenge to teach them to be quiet, but after you accomplish this, you’ll certainly find out you chose a great companion!

9. Bichon Frise


This quiet, hypoallergenic dog breed will just require some grooming supplies and a daily walk. The Bichon Frise’s mild temperament makes them one of the best family dogs.

8. Pug


Does your “best friend profile” feature an averagely-active dog breed? Pugs might be “lazy enough” to rest on your couch, but active enough to appreciate a daily walk routine! A fun personality plus low maintenance levels give them the right to enter our top.

7. Shih Tzu


Yes, you must prepare for some serious dog grooming, but the Shih Tzu has many advantages that makes it one of the best dogs for first-time owners: they’re kind, like to play and will quickly get along with you.

6. Greyhound


Yes, Greyhounds might be the fastest dog breed on Earth, but did you know they’re also calm enough to take a nap inside your home? Don’t forget to keep them exercised – that’s the only thing this docile creature will ask of you, as they don’t need demanding maintenance otherwise.

5. Papillon


Calm, low maintenance and, as almost all small-sized dogs, they love to play. Looking for an easily trainable dog? The Papillon might just be the one for you!

4. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel


Ready to become a grooming expert? Yes, grooming the Cavalier will take you some time, but this small dog breed just loves to be at your side while you pet it. Their gentle personality won’t give you any problems, that’s for sure!

3. Poodle ?


Smart dog breeds are always a good choice when it comes to taking this kind of decisions. Poodles – no matter their size – are part of that list, but they’re also one of the best dog breeds for allergy sufferers, despite the amount of hair they possess!

2. Labrador ?


If you search for the word “friendly” in a “dogtionary”, you’ll find its meaning to be “Labrador”. Great temperament, athletic body, very smart and one of the best dog breeds for kids. Which rank doesn’t the Labrador top?!

1. Golden Retriever ?


And again, the Golden Retriever leads the way. Smart, ready to share their happiness with their owners, great for kids to play with, gentle and loyal – just as you dreamed your ideal companion would be. They take the gold medal among the 10 best dogs for first-time owners!

Though this list only includes pure dog breeds, don’t forget that every puppy deserves to be loved and well treated, whether they’re purebred dogs or not. So, “saving” a pooch from a dog shelter will also (and always!) be the best choice for us! ?

Wanna share your story? Is your first furry friend at your side right now? Let us know in the comments below! ?