Findster CareSight

Findster CareSight is the first GPS locator and activity tracker independent of Telcos and with no indoor limitations for people with dementia.

The World Health Organization recognizes dementia as a public health priority as, annually, there are 9.9 million new cases of this kind of degenerative disease.

Chronic diseases commonly result in potentially dangerous behaviors and memory loss, which by its turn can easily result in the loss of a person. In fact, 70% of people with dementia got lost 3 or more times and 46% may die if not found within 24h.

Degenerative diseases represent major expenditures in Europe’s healthcare sector, with total costs estimated to overcome 600 billion euros, which are driven mainly by social care needs.

At Findster, we are thrilled to find innovative solutions for localization problems. Starting from creating a property technology, we are democratizing access to a hardware solution – Findster CareSight – that tracks and monitors with four fundamental attributes of an assistive technology: reliability, responsiveness, practicality and affordability.

What is Findster CareSight anyway?

Findster CareSight is a monitoring solution composed by a wearable watch which contains a GPS/GNSS module for location in indoor and outdoor spaces. The coordinates obtained by the GPS module are thought to be transmitted via MAZE to the Findster basestation, being accessible to all caregivers that are associated through the web portal.

These features allow the tracking of people indoors and outdoors without monthly fees, overcoming the problems of current solutions, which are not able to track people both inside and outside, force a monthly fee and have lack of ergonomic design to get good acceptance by the elderly.

Findster CareSight was developed under a two-year project, co-financed by the Programa Operacional Norte 2020 through the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).