7 Funny Cat Games You Can Play With Your Buddy

Fun + Cats + Pet time = awesome! ? Here are 7 funny cat games you can play with your ball of fur and enjoy their antics.

Cats are renowned for having their wild side very much intact. These once wild and ferocious hunters are now resting peacefully in a comfy home surrounded by love… But they still crave for entertainment and activities that stimulate their predatory senses! That’s when you come into play. ? By playing some funny cat games with your feline, you will not only be tending to their needs but also creating a unique opportunity for bonding… and laughs. Here are some funny cat games you can try with your buddy for keeping the moods up!

Feather and String

feather and string funny cat games

Simple, yet effective. All you need to do is get a stick, attach a bell or feather to its tip with a string, and wiggle it in front of your buddy. Let the party begin! ?. Pull the string slowly around the floor and lift it up suddenly to see your cat performing true mortal spins in the air, trying to catch it. Don’t forget to let them catch it sometimes. Not only will this make them rejoice in their victory, it will also provide you with funny and cute sights of your buddy doing the rabbit legs on the bait wrapped in their belly! If you’ve learned how to pet a cat, you know just how hard it is to enjoy an exposed belly in motion.

Food puzzle

food puzzle funny cat games

Occasionally, exchange a normal bowl meal for a food puzzle in order to keep your cat active. Puzzle boxes and toys allow you to hide the kibbles and watch your buddy using their brain cells and clumsiness to figure out how to get them! ? If you feel creative, you may even create your own puzzles DIY style, with old toys and bottles.

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Robotic mouse

Nothing stimulates the hunting senses of a cat more than chasing and catching a mouse. ? The fake mouse moves realistically yet randomly around the house, giving your feline the true thrill of a chase. Set the batteries, let it loose and enjoy watching your cat dumbly running around trying to catch their prey. You can even let the mouse running while you’re out, so your buddy can have fun alone. You can always control your buddy’s activity levels with a pet tracker like Findster Duo+, to make sure they don’t go too crazy with the chasing!

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Finger chasing

One of the easiest yet funny cat games you can play with your furry companion is finger chasing. ✌️ Just put your hand under a blanket or rug and move it around while scratching the fabric. Your feline’s hunting senses will beam up and they’ll chase it, pounce on it and even bite it. Which means this can be a fun game to them, but a hazard to you! To give your cat full rein, you can also use a toy like Petlinks Electronic Mystery Motion Cat Toy and enjoy the happy moment without any bleedings or scratches. The random moves and speed changes will ensure your cat doesn’t get bored and will make them exercise extra hard!

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Laser chase

Lit up a laser and your cat is sure to go bananas for it. ? Out of all funny cat games this is a sure one as far as getting a massive reaction from Mr. Whiskers! They love running after the unreachable weird prey that moves around endlessly and manages to escape every single time from under their paws. It may get frustrating for your buddy, but it will only get funnier and funnier to you!

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Appy times

Share your passion for new technologies with your feline, with fun chase apps for cats. Set the mice or fish loose on your tablet screen and enjoy their confusion while trying to catch the prey! Cats will be able to put their fast paw movements to use and you will be in cat heaven watching their furry paws softly hitting the screen!

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Paper bags

For those who want to skip tech and still enjoy funny cat games, it can’t get simpler than this. Just let an empty paper bag lying around and your feline won’t take long to spot it and make it their new cozy cave. ?️ Enjoy while they roll around in their bag, run to its opening back and forth or simply lay there with a funny face. If you want to step it up, trace simple lines on the outside of the bag while your furry friend is inside. They will see the shadows, hear the soft scratch and start chasing and pouncing in no time! If you’re brave enough, you can even use your own fingers as bait…

Even though these are funny cat games, don’t be disappointed if not all of them work for your feline. They sure can be picky! That being said, have you ever tried any of these? Which one was your buddy’s favorite? ?