Help Us End Puppy Mills!

Did you know that “Fur is the new black”? Join Findster and The Puppy Mill Project in the fight to #EndPuppyMills – help us spread the word!

We may be well into the 21st Century, but humankind still has a lot to evolve – and the existence of puppy mills is proof enough of this. Sometimes known as puppy farms, puppy mills are inhumane, commercial dog-breeding facilities in which the health of the dogs is disregarded in order to maximize profits.

Findster and The Puppy Mill Project are teaming up to spread the word on this issue, via a parody of the Netflix show Orange is the new Black’s opening credits. It ends by exposing the sad reality of puppy mills and urging the public to act, by spreading the message using the #EndPuppyMills hashtag and donating via The Puppy Mill Project’s website.

The dogs live their lives confined in small spaces where diseases are easily transmitted, and forced to go hours and hours without any food or water. Puppy mill inhabitants typically do not receive veterinary care and rarely experience human touch or affection.

Shocking as it is, this practice is not illegal – the Humane Society mentions that “in most states, a breeding kennel can legally keep dozens, even hundreds, of dogs in cages for their entire lives, as long as the dogs are given the basics of food, water, and shelter.”

There are currently an estimated 10,000 puppy mills in the United States – including both licensed and unlicensed facilities – with over 2 million puppies bred in mills each year.

Share the video with your friends using #EndPuppyMills and help spread the word! For more information on puppy mills or to donate to this cause, visit The Puppy Mill Project’s website at Help us end puppy mills!