Thanksgiving Pet Safety Tips

Thanksgiving is a time of happiness and joy, but it may also present some hazards for our furry friends. Have a look at our Thanksgiving pet safety tips!

Thanksgiving is a wonderful holiday that brings together friends and families – including, of course, our four-legged best friends! It’s a time of happiness and joy, but it may also present some hazards that should be taken into account!
You are probably asking yourself what exactly should you be aware of during the season, in order to guarantee your pet’s safety. Here are some useful Thanksgiving pet safety tips, mainly about the much-desired yummy feast!

What about the turkey?

thanksgiving pet safety tips - what about the turkey?

Even though it may seem a delightful idea, feeding a bit of Thanksgiving turkey to your pet can be a problem!

First of all, never ever give your pet the leftover carcass! Bones in general are not a safe and healthy treat, especially poultry ones since they can be easily breakable. Bones passing through the digestive tract can cause serious damage, as they might hurt or become lodged in the esophagus, stomach or intestines, leading to vomiting, diarrhea, constipation, bleeding or even to a life-threatening medical situation.

Secondly, grease from the meat and gravy is difficult for the animals to digest and can easily lead to a serious pancreas inflammatory disease called pancreatitis.

Keep yeast dough out of your pet’s sight!

thanksgiving pet safety tips - yeast dough

When a dog or cat ingests raw bread dough, yeast continues to convert sugars in the dough into carbon dioxide gas and alcohol. This will most certainly result in a painful tummy ache or bloating. Basically, you may end up with a bloated and semi-drunken pet – a recipe for a ruined holiday evening!

As much as they beg, don’t share the pie!

thanksgiving pet safety tips begging

Although it’s quite tempting, sharing desserts with your dog or cat should be avoided at all costs. Chocolate is poisonous and can lead to gastrointestinal disorders or even death, as it also affects the neurologic system. Furthermore, sugar and sugar substitutes like xylitol, raisins and grapes are also toxic, and should be kept out of your pet’s reach. 

It is true that the majority of fruits and vegetables, including pumpkin or apple, do not constitute a hazard. Still, you should leave the delicious traditional pies for your human guests only. Why don’t you bake some pet friendly biscuits instead, like these homemade dog treats? It’s safer and your pet will love them for sure!

Other useful Thanksgiving pet safety tips

thanksgiving pet safety tips - other useful reminders

Thanksgiving and a crowded home are usually synonyms, and this can be quite stressful for pets. Keep in mind that having people over means loud noises and a higher activity level than usual, which may promote anxiety and nervousness. You should always provide a peaceful and comfortable space for your buddy to relax.

Always avoid any kind of toxic plant, like amaryllis, or dangerous ornaments, especially if you have a cat. Any cat owner knows how much these small tigers love to play with odd things!

To guarantee that everything goes smoothly during the holiday season, everyone should follow the same lead. It is important for you to strongly advise your guests not to give any kind of food to your pet. Bear in mind that dogs and cats know how to master the art of begging: they just stare at us with those irresistible sweet eyes, looking like they’ve been starving for days, even when their stomachs are already full!