10 Easiest Dogs To Train For Aspiring Dog Whisperers

Want your dog to be the best trained canine in town, but don’t know where to start? We’re here to help: check out the 10 easiest dogs to train! ?

Although every dog has their own DNA code, it’s possible to label them (in a broad way) from the most easy to train to the hardest. Therefore, we’ve created this top 10 easiest dogs to train! We took into account their willingness in learning new tricks, energy, obedience and, obviously, intelligence. As a result, the smartest dog breeds will always be good candidates to make into this top. But intellect is not everything…

Are you a rookie on this matter? Would you like to be the next Dog Whisperer? Here are the most easy-to-train breeds! ?

10. Miniature Schnauzer

miniature schnauzer easiest dogs to train

The Miniature Schnauzer has an outgoing personality, which can be good or bad depending on your perspective. As this Terrier breed loves to bark, teaching them to be quiet on command should be lesson no. 1! On the other hand, their mindset makes them be open to new adventures, and therefore they have a permanent need to spend their energy. However, they’re extremely loyal and obedient, which is key to be considered one of the easiest dogs to train.

9. Doberman Pinscher

doberman pinscher easiest dogs to train

Please don’t let the Doberman accumulate too much energy, as they might get aggressive if affected by boredom and loneliness. They’re one of the most active dogs, and so they’ll need intensive training classes to learn good manners. If this doesn’t take place, you’ll get to know the “dark side” of the Doberman, instead of meeting the perfect companion you wish for. Finally, as they’re physically strong and always in good shape, they’re one of the best guard dogs too!

8. Papillon

papillon easiest dogs to train

Despite the fact that the Papillon is a tiny dog breed, they’re always ready for a workout! Besides, small-sized dogs are likely to be more active than large ones. Anyway, if your best friend is one of these guys, never forget to keep them occupied! If you neglect them, you’ll see them unleash the little devil they have inside of them! ? In addition, as they’re very smart, Papillons learn new moves very quickly!

7. German Shepherd

german shepherd easiest dogs to train

German Shepherds have plenty of attributes that make them one of the easiest dogs to train: they’re staunchly loyal, smart, active and love dog training classes. As you’ve deducted from what you’ve read until now, active dogs get anxious and start to destroy everything around them if not trained properly. This said, training German Shepherds will prevent them from barking excessively or digging around. As you may know, German Shepherds are one of the top police dog breeds, too! ?

➡️ Quick note: the German Shepherd Dog Club of America mentions they can learn their name in their first 8 weeks of life! ?

6. Poodle

poodle easiest dogs to train

Poodles bring their owners plenty of advantages: they’re smart, fancy, hypoallergenic and, of course, easy to train. On the downside, they can be stubborn if they’re not trained properly. Also, they come in three sizes – miniature, toy and standard. The latter mixes two features that are often opposites: they’re obbedient and intelligent! ?

5. Border Terrier

border terrier easiest dogs to train

The Border Terrier breed is good at many things: handling children, sport activities, therapy and… receiving training. Although they’re stubborn, they compensate with a high work rate and willingness in learning new tricks. As it happens with previously mentioned breeds, they need to be kept occupied!

4. Australian Shepherd

australian shepherd easiest dogs to train

Almost stepped onto the podium! In any case, Aussies have an extraordinary ability to learn a wide variety of tricks in no time! Talking about time, that’s something you should keep an eye on… As this breed also needs to be constantly occupied with different tasks – like herding! Aside from that, Australian Shepherds can also burn off some of their energy on flying disc games, for example! And you can guess what will happen to your sofa if you leave your Aussie lonely and bored… ?

3. Labrador Retriever ?

labrador easiest dogs to train

As you may know, Labradors are the most versatile dogs in the planet – kids love them, girls can’t handle their cuteness, they serve as guide dogs, participate in rescues, are good at therapy and even first-time owners feel comfortable with their friendliness! As far as training goes, you can teach them pretty much anything and let their smartness take care of the rest. In conclusion, you can add Labradors to another top: easiest dogs to train!

2. Golden Retriever ?

golden retriever easiest dogs to train

You know who’s always associated to Labradors – Golden Retrievers! Just like Labradors, these guys are also eager to show their loyalty towards their owners, mostly in order to get petted! In sum, to love and be loved… ? So, do you want them to learn some new tricks? Simply “ask” and they’ll be pleased to collaborate!

1. Border Collie ?

border collie easiest dogs to train

And the winner is… the Border Collie! They’re the easiest dogs to train, as they concentrate all the “minimum requirements” to be highly trainable: workaholic, agile as a cheetah, very obedient and, obviously, smart enough to learn every trick their training master requires! Throw your discs as far as you can and they’ll bring them back; let them maneuver the herd of your farm, and they won’t disappoint you; or simply teach them some good manners and they’ll be as classy as you wish! With a buddy like this, it’s easy to be a dog whisperer! ?

Do you know other intelligent and well-behaved fellows who would easily obtain approval in dog training classes? What tricks have they learned, aside from wandering around with your slipper on their mouth? ?